10 Weeks!

Squiggles is 10 weeks old! I’m writing this blog post as I watch her resting in a rocker which I push front and back with my left leg. In the beginning it was far too big for her; now it feels a little too small. Sometimes, she smiles while she sleeps. There are so many subtle cues that her mind is processing large amounts of information. Sometimes I stare at her and forget to continue the rocker movement. Dahlia just opens her eyes, glares at me, and forces me to remember where I am and what she wants me to do. No one stops the rocker unless she says so.

She is so beautiful. In the beginning, she was more of a tiny blob than a baby. Now, she has these incredibly delicate features and ivory skin. She has started to coo at us when we talk to her. I’m convinced that I can teach her to say “mama” very soon. I think its a great first word because it is not too easy and because mom has definitely been the MVP her incredible development so far.

Mom has also had to make some serious sacrifices. Not only does she balance her rigorous nurse practitioner program with taking care of Squiggles, but Megan has also given up dairy because Dahlia may be allergic to a specific protein. To ensure breastfeeding goes well, Megan cannot have any milk, cheese, or ice cream – staples of her old diet. Breastfeeding ensures that Dahlia gets the proper antibodies to protect her for life. She also just had her first set of vaccinations!

None of my old techniques to soothe the baby work anymore. The good old “shush” walk is no longer effective. The swaddle is a bad idea because the baby can roll. Fortunately, it no longer feels like trial by fire. Instead of being thrown into parenthood, the new challenges emerge gradually and can be handled as we see the patterns.

Enjoy the photos!

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  1. This is all so sweet! You are starting to sound like an expert! I can’t wait to play with Sqiggles!! Hope to see you soon.

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