Farewell to 2016!

When we look back at 2016, we might consider it the year where political systems and democratic ideals faltered against the pressures of populism, intolerance, and class conflict.  I should feel glad that it is over.  However, it was easily one of the best years of my life!  I made a successful transition to a new job in another state. We also got to experiences hundreds of unique experiences with our daughter, DJ.

Over the past few months, Dahlia’s personality is really starting to emerge.  She is outgoing, creative, and fearless.  That has encouraged us to take many trips to various farms and hikes.  We’ve dressed her up as an owl for Halloween and found many, many toys to play with.  We’ve read hundreds of kids books at home and in Story Time at our local libraries.

It’s not all positive though.  She got a broken wrist after a short fall on some stairs because she was so aggressive with her climbing tactics; she spent most of December with a pink cast.  Her first experience with Santa Claus was traumatic; she’s never cried so hard.

Right now, our family is with Jean Browe who is Dahlia Jean’s namesake and great grandmother.  Christmas in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina is a lot warmer than our last few months in Frederick, Maryland.  We’re having a terrific time at Brookgreen Gardens and we are eager for more adventures in 2017.




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