Family Vacation – Beach Time

We’re in Florida for a family vacation. After a rough few months of work, I’ve sorely needed this time with my family. Our daughter is making gigantic leaps in terms of personality and comprehension.

She has an incredible sense of humor. Although she’s been sick for the last two nights and we haven’t been sleeping much, during the day she finds interesting ways to keep up our spirits. Yesterday, she walked around with her baby doll on her head. When she saw me, she would point at the doll, call it a “hat”, and then break down in giggles. When she was younger, I would do that with every piece of her clothing. I would stick it on my head, ask her if she liked my “hat”, and then laugh when she said no. She does this to me now, and it’s clearly the funniest joke I have ever shared with anyone.

She loves spending time in water. We’ve gotten her two pairs of decent boots because she loves to stomp in every puddle. She’s a natural in our condo pool in Florida and has no fear about jumping right in. I learned swimming when I was eight during a family trip to Cyprus. I wouldn’t be surprised if she would pick it up naturally over the next year.

She’s currently 20 months old. Outside of watching a few TV Shows when she’s been sick, we’ve stayed true to our goal of keeping her screen-free for two years. As the two year mark approaches, we’ll need to make a careful choice about how she approaches all the media consumption devices.

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